Abir Taha In Search of the Sacred Light

Abir Taha, author of THE EPIC OF ARYA: In Search of the Sacred Light
Versed in philosophy and spirituality, Abir Taha has a particular interest in Nietzschean thought, theosophy, Western and Eastern esotericism and mysticism. Thinker, poet, diplomat, holder of a postgraduate degree in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University in Paris, the author espouses a pantheistic, holistic vision of the world based on the eternal principles of the Naturreligion, the Religion of Nature which views God as immanent in nature and in man. Taha believes that the fulfilment of the Divine is life's ultimate purpose and man's highest vocation. 

Abir Taha is the author of several books in English, including Twelve Resolutions for a Happy Life - A Manual of Happiness (Australia: Numen, 2015), Verses of Light (London: Arktos, 2014), Nietzsche's Coming God, or the Redemption of the Divine (London: Arktos, 2013), Defining Terrorism: the End of Double Standards (London: Arktos, 2014), The Epic of Arya: In Search of the Sacred Light (USA, 2009), and Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: the Cult of the Superman (USA, 2005).